5 Things I Love in August

5 Things I Love in August

Can you believe we’re more than halfway through August? Summer’s coming to an end so fast and I’m just not ready! This month I’ve been in full redecorating mode for my apartment. What started as just rearranging my living room a few weeks ago has now turned into a much bigger project. I’ll share more on that later.

A few of the things I’m loving this month are all about simplicity. One of my favorite brands I’ve discovered this year is Cuyana. Their whole brand is about fewer, better things which is definitely one of my goals for 2017. I talked a little at the first of the year about how this year I want to use more of what I have instead of buying new. A few weeks ago Cuyana launched their new structured leather tote which is amazing. I actually have their oversized leather tote which is great for work or as an overnight bag. I always wished it was more structured because that’s just my preference and what do you know, they released their new bag. I’m dying for the black and nude version which is currently sold out, so I’m waiting for it to come back before I get one.

A few weeks ago I was at Nordstrom to pick up my favorite Dior Lip Balm, seriously give it a try, and got some samples while I was there. One of the samples I got was for Dior’s Dream Skin which is a product I haven’t used before. The girl was nice enough to give me 4 little samples of it so I’ve been using it every day as a primer and absolutely love it. It goes on super smooth and evens out my skin while working at the same time to prevent signs of aging. This is one of my favorite products I’ve picked up in a long time. It’s a bit pricey but it’s not only setting your makeup for the day, it’s actually helping your skin. I look at it as buying two or three products in one. Plus my makeup has never looked better with this underneath.

Another beauty product I picked up on the other end of the budget spectrum is L’Oreal’s Lash Paradise. I actually grabbed it on a whim while I was at the drugstore, my go-to after a long day. I love the packaging and had seen a few ads for it and it was $8 so I thought whatever we’ll give it a go. I loved this mascara immediately. It gives tons of volume and my eyes seemed brighter. I actually think it’s very similar to this designer mascara which I also love.

I have kind of been on the fence about this V shaped pump trend that’s going to be big this Fall. I keep seeing some weird options out there, but I found this pair that actually seems doable. I think these are an easy way to do this trend without being overly trendy. They’re great for mixing up your work heels without a huge investment.

I’ve always loved delicate jewelry; it makes up the majority of my collection. I love this Maya Brenner piece with the little initial. Jewelry with some sort of special meaning is always my favorite. I try to stick with pieces that have something special to them. This is a perfect piece for layering with longer necklaces too. I always say I’m going to layer my necklaces and then never do it. Maybe this piece is the motivation I need!

Anyone going to try out the L’Oreal mascara? Thoughts on the V-shaped pump? Let me know in the comments!

xo – Tracy