At Home Chic

I just moved into my new apartment in St. Louis a few months ago. And before I moved back to St. Louis, I was spending an average of 6 nights a month in my apartment because I was traveling for work. So you can see why finally getting to decorate an apartment I’d actually get to live in was very exciting. I’m a big fan of being comfortable at home, because I have a tendency to choose Netflix and wine over basically everything else. But that means I like for my apartment to be equal parts chic, ready for company and lived in, comfortable.  I’ve also had an amazing few years traveling and living in a few different places. So I have lots of photos and treasures from all of my travels I’ve used to decorate. I’ll do a more thorough home tour later, but for now these are a few of my favorite chic pieces in my home.


Paris Map

storyboard005How to be Parisian // Yes, Please // Kate Spade Places to Go


storyboard008storyboard001Rifle Paper Co


More on this guy tomorrow…