Blue Floral Maxi Wrap Dress

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Blue Floral Maxi Wrap Dress | Hat | Sandals | Bag

It feels like July showed up with its usual 1000% humidity and it just wont go away. This makes dressing for any occasion in the summer kind of miserable. This summer I’ve been wearing lots of lightweight fabrics in a loose fit to try to not sweat to death every time I go out. This blue floral maxi wrap dress is one of my favorite pieces for the summer. You probably think it looks a little familiar if you saw this post with the most adorable green floral twosie set. They are both by my new favorite brand Privacy Please. The patterns are so adorable and the fabric is so light and perfect for summer.

Another great part about this dress is it’s the perfect length with sandals which is huge if you’re like me and hate wearing high heels in the summer. I’m all about the sandals all the time. I’m also about 5’7″ if that helps you decide how the length will work for you. If you aren’t big into maxi dresses this pattern comes in this high neck midi dress, this tie-front romper, and this cold shoulder wrap dress. I also love this solid blue knee length wrap dress, the color is just gorgeous. I also came across this cold shoulder wrap dress in the same green floral pattern as my twosie set.

Any of these gorgeous dresses would be perfect for a summer wedding or bridal shower. I like to wear this particular dress for a more casual look for brunch with the girls and on a date. I love that it looks so put together, but is actually the easiest option for dressing in the summer. Simple and classic are my two wardrobe staples when I shop and the whole Privacy Please collection is perfect if you love an easy wardrobe.