Blueberry Cocktail

So true confession time, since I did Whole30 I haven’t actually been drinking much alcohol. It’s probably super healthy for me not to drink that much, but it’s more out of the fact that I’ve been super busy and by 7PM am too exhausted for anything besides going to bed. I’ve been sticking with a glass or two of red wine when I’ve been out with friends. And now that warm weather is here it’s time to break out the rosé and sangria. I’ve been experimenting with some less sugary cocktails the past few weekends though and have found a few things that work for me.

While I was doing Whole30 I drank a lot of La Croix because I was so bored with water I had to mix it up. I’ve found that La Croix is an amazing cocktail mixer if you’re trying to stay low calorie or low sugar. I always have the lemon La Croix in my fridge because it makes me feel super fancy to be able to offer it to guests. If I were not so introverted and actually invited people to my apartment.

Blueberry Cocktail-25

I threw together this lemon blueberry cocktail last weekend when the weather was much warmer and it was so refreshing. It also involves only 3 ingredients!

Here’s everything you’ll need:

3 oz Vodka


Lemon Seltzer or any flavored low cal beverage

Fresh lemons for garnish

Blueberry Cocktail-2

You’ll want to start with muddling your blueberries in a glass. Now if you don’t have time to buy a blueberry bush, plant it, water it, maintain it until your blueberries are ripe to be picked in late July, then store bought is fine. Same goes for your lemons.

If you aren’t a cocktail master, then you can muddle the blueberries with a fork or spoon in the glass. Basically stab at them until they are smashed.

Blueberry Cocktail-5

Next add in your vodka, I’d also recommend tequila with this. Then pour in about 8 oz of La Croix. You could really do any flavor with the blueberries but I love lemons and blueberries together. Also you could do strawberries with this and that would be delicious!

Blueberry Cocktail-6

I can’t believe I wasn’t drinking these earlier. I would have saved myself so much sugar and headaches. Plus I could have been drinking cocktails at home way more often. These are going to be a staple by the pool this summer.

Blueberry Cocktail-20

Blueberry Cocktail-14

Blueberry Cocktail-22

Blueberry Cocktail-28

Blueberry Cocktail-15

Blueberry Cocktail-21

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