Friday 15 – Travel Essentials

As someone who spent 3 straight years on the road for work, I consider myself pretty knowledgable about all things travel. OK, not all things, just most things. There are certain things I keep in my luggage at all times so I’m always prepared no matter what the trip is, like this outlet adapter. When I travel for work I always use a black leather tote like this one. I’ve worked in client service so you never know how conservative your client is going to be. I like to stick to a minimal color scheme of black, white, grey, and blush. Another necessary travel accessory is this wire storage bag. I was never a girl scout, so I don’t know how to tie a bunch of different knots, but I do know how to put some cables and headphones in my bag and pull out the most complicated knot you’ve ever seen. A little bag and these cord tacos help prevent this.

I always keep a travel kit in my carry-on for a little refresh at the airport. These face wipes are essential especially if you’re on a red-eye or a super long flight. A sleep mask is vital if you’re on a red-eye or a really early morning flight. A silk mask will help keep your hair or face from getting creases. I also always wear compression socks when I’m traveling to keep my circulation flowing while trapped on a plane. I also never travel without a trench coat; it’s stylish and pretty versatile for most weather. And once when I was young I didn’t take a jacket with me to leave the house and my mother made me buy one with my hard earned money. So I’m scarred for life and can never go anywhere without a jacket. Lesson learned, kids.

The best carry on luggage is this roller bag. For weekend road trips or overnight stays, I love a weekender bag like this or this. I like to keep my passport in this holder, but I love this personalized option.

What are some of your best travel accessories and tips?