Friday Five


Yay for Friday! Chuck and I have had such a busy week but it’s been such nice weather we scheduled in plenty of time at the dog park. I’ve been waking up early most mornings this week to work out at 6am, which is just not like myself. I feel so much better being able to work out every day though so it’s totally worth it. Chuck however still doesn’t get why I’m getting up so early or why I’d leave the house before sunrise.

Lately I’ve been thinking lots about hair and trying to find new ways to style it. I’m kind of in a hair rut or plateau? Can you hit a hair plateau? I love having long hair and I just can’t bring myself to cut it short for now. But I’m kind of annoyed that it’s sort of been the same length for a while now. So to try to get myself out of a hair funk, I’ve been trying some new hairstyles and tricks. I should also say that I’ve always considered myself terrible at hair. I once got a hairbrush stuck in my hair at my best friend’s house when we were like 7. And honestly that wasn’t the last time.

Hair Masks: I posted this coconut oil hair mask a few weeks ago and it has definitely brought new life back to my hair. I’ve been doing it every Sunday night and can tell a huge difference in how soft and healthy my hair is.

Hairstyles: I pretty much always wear my hair wavy and that’s about it. So I’ve been forcing myself to branch out and try some new things. An easy hairstyle I love for work is a high ponytail or a bun. Last weekend I attempted to try some milkmaid braids. I’m not sure how I feel about them yet. I’m going to give them another try this weekend. Here are some braid options if you’re looking for some ideas too.

Color: I’ve been toying with mixing things up with my hair color. But that always seems to be indifferent when I do that. I saw this Buzzfeed article about how to have the best hair and it’s super helpful if you’re thinking about mixing it up and need somewhere to start.

Hair Extensions: I’ve never had hair extensions before and have always kind of wanted them but been too nervous. I’ve been thinking about trying some for a while and this week one of my favorite bloggers, Kathleen at Carrie Bradshaw Lied wrote about her new extensions and they sound totally easy even for a hair idiot like me! If you have recommendations for hair extensions in STL send them my way! Or have advice on them in general!

Accessories: I love mixing in hair accessories. They are so on trend right now and an easy way to mix things up even if you can’t do much with your hair. One of my favorite sites for hair inspiration is The Beauty Department and their hair accessory roundup is full of ideas to mix up your Fall hair accessory game.

Is anyone else in a hair rut or have advice for mixing things up? Any advice for hair extensions?

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

xo – Tracy