Friday Five


Can you believe there’s less than a week until Thanksgiving? I’m having such a hard time dealing with the fact this year is almost over. I mean except that I’m not because 2016 has just been a general nightmare for everyone. But it also means that we are only one week away from new Gilmore Girls! I have been a Gilmore Girl since day 1 and obsessively watched it so I am dying with anticipation for the new episodes. I’m also pretty divided on Team Jess and Team Logan. I’m like 54% Team Logan and 46% Team Jess. I could talk about this all day so I won’t get started.

For Thanksgiving this year, we are mixing it up a little and my sister is hosting at her brand new home. Which is great because it means a bunch of tiny dogs running everywhere. My job every year is to bring dessert which is pretty indicative of my addiction to sweets. I want to mix it up a little this year so I’ve been looking for lots of inspiration for desserts, but also for some healthier side options. That of course means I’ve been spending some serious time on Pinterest. I thought I’d share some of the recipe inspiration I’ve been looking at which is all droolworthy. And if you’re not following along on Pinterest already then you should! Go here to follow along.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cranberries and Balsamic – I’m always looking for good, healthy dishes in general, but I love that it’s been easy to find lots of Thanksgiving appropriate dishes like this one. I love brussels sprouts so much so this is definitely one I’ll be trying this weekend on my own.

24 Healthy Thanksgiving Sides – Of course Buzzfeed has a roundup for healthy sides. These are all actually things I’d try anytime and not all like ‘ooooh kale salad’.

Skinny Corn Casserole – Corn Casserole is definitely a staple in my family. It’s so good, but full of so many bad for you things. This recipe cuts out the sugar and replaces sour cream with greek yogurt. I think I would definitely eat this lighter version and feel way less bad about it.

Apple Cider Sangria – Because it seems like this year a lot of people are going to need something a little stronger than iced tea to deal with family conversations at the table. I love apple everything so I am very excited to try a batch of this at some point next weekend, maybe while I binge Gilmore Girls?

17 Thanksgiving Mistakes You’re Making – Just in case you do any of these, there is still time to turn your life around.

Do you have any favorite Thanksgiving recipes that you must have every year? Mine is my mom’s baked pineapple. Bread, pineapple, butter? Yes please. Leave your favorites in the comments!

xo – Tracy