Friday Five

friday five

Trader Joe’s flowers I’ve kept alive for almost 2 weeks

friday five

Someone’s just not ready for Summer to be over

friday five

I’ve been trying out some new Vital Proteins goodies (here and here). I love the Marine Collagen, but can’t figure out what to add the beauty greens to since I’m not a green smoothie/juice person. Please send any suggestions!

friday five

Treated myself to a little new job gift

(belt, top, jeans)

friday five

A sneak peek of my apartment makeover (and my dying plant)

Hello friends! Oh it’s been so long since I did a Friday Five, have you guys missed it? I really have! Let’s get back to it then.

It’s been a weird few months for blogging. At the beginning of Summer I was sick with pneumonia and generally being an old lady. Then I went to Italy and Greece for two weeks. And literally upon my return got a new job. You guys, it has been a wild 3 months. What a Summer. I feel like I’m only just starting to get back to normal life.

Because all that wasn’t enough, I started redecorating my apartment last month. I’m in the middle of my apartment makeover, but once it’s done I’ll share all the good stuff! The most exciting part for me is finally having a kitchen table, which you can see above. I’ve been wanting one for a while, but my dining area is my home office. So I had to get creative which you’ll see soon.

Part of my apartment makeover has been cleaning out my closet to get rid of so many things I just don’t need. I’m going to be selling a lot of pieces on Poshmark which includes some Kate Spade bags, Tory Burch sunglasses, and lots of good clothes. If you’re interested in anything, pop over to Poshmark, username tracycoble. Everything should be up this weekend, so check back Saturday to see all the goods.

Making room in my closet meant I had space for a new little addition to the family, this beautiful, perfect Gucci belt. I snagged the last one in my size, but it will be back fully restocked here at the end of the month. I promise you it’s totally worth it if you’re looking for one really good designer investment.

This weekend will be all about ordering the rest of the artwork and photos I need for my apartment. With a few fun things like girls’ brunch. I’m also excited for Outlander to come back this Sunday, especially now that Game of Thrones is over. Anyone else ready for Fall TV?

I hope everyone enjoys the last few weekends of Summer while it’s here!

xo – Tracy


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