Friday Five

friday five

Chuck is in love with all the light in our new apartment

friday five

Speaking of… our move was 1,000,000 times easier because of STL Rent A Box, a sustainable, zero-waste moving box company here in St. Louis.

friday five

My favorite accessory right now is my new sunglasses display!

friday five

I’m totally ready for the heat wave this weekend and to enjoy my new pool!

friday five

My new favorite sweet snack so I don’t eat an entire package of Oreos.

Happy Friday! It’s been a while you guys and so much is new. OK, not “so much” is new, but we moved a few weeks ago and that makes everything feel new! It feels like things have been crazy busy between moving and work and life. A big part of making our move go so smoothly was renting boxes from STL Rent A Box. They are plastic boxes you can rent, they drop them off and pick them up when you’re done. I had been looking for a waste-free way to move and found STL Rent A Box online. Besides being a zero-waste option, it also made moving go super fast. My movers could stack four or five boxes to take at once and in 15 minutes everything but my furniture was loaded up. I borrowed 40 boxes which was exactly perfect for my one bedroom apartment.

As if moving wasn’t crazy enough, three days after our move we threw Chuck’s 10th birthday party. All of his little dog friends came and all of our wonderful humans came as well! I wrote a little post all about what Chuck’s meant to me for the past ten years, you can read it here.

Decorating a new apartment is most of the fun of moving and I’ve been making some fun updates. One of my favorite things I’ve bought is my new acrylic sunglasses display. I posted this on Instagram Stories and got TONS of questions. It’s actually just a nail polish display I bought on Amazon. My exact one is sold out right now, but linked here in case you are willing to wait. This was the runner-up that I didn’t order. Or just search “acrylic nail polish polish display” for a billion results. This was such an easy and affordable update and has saved me from having to lay all my sunglasses out in a tray or some other way to store them without breaking them. Now I can see them all in one place and it makes me automatically feel 1000% more organized.

Another thing I’m loving right now is the Purely Elizabeth chocolate granola. I’ve been off the sugar for a couple weeks after a Saturday night trip to World Market where I bought every package of Tim Tams they had and ate them all in like 2 days. It was a bit much so I’m getting it together without the sugar. I’ve heard lots about Purely Elizabeth from friends and so I picked up the chocolate one for a little something sweet after dinner and it’s SO SO good. It’s chocolatey and a little salty, it’s perfect. And I say this as someone with a massive sweet tooth. It’s worth giving it a try if you’re looking for something sweet but not terrible for you. I’ve already picked up 2 other flavors to try for breakfast and am hooked.

We’re spending this weekend poolside since it’s supposed to be 100. And I need a relaxing, do-nothing day after 6 weeks of nonstop craziness. Is anyone else lounging by the pool this weekend? Traveling for the 4th? Leave a comment with your plans!

xo – Tracy