Gruyère Egg Baskets

I am always looking for easy and delicious recipes that I can cook for just me or whoever happens to show up. With holiday party season in full swing you never know when girls’ night out turns into Sunday morning slumber parties. Since I don’t have Mall Madness, I have to convince everyone I’m a worthy hostess in other ways, particularly food. That’s where my gruyère egg baskets come in handy. It’s just as easy to make one as it is to make a dozen.



I know, now you’re hungry.

I’ll give you the recipe for one, multiply as needed.

1 crusty bread roll — I’ve used whole wheat rolls because I’m obviously very into health foods

1 Large Egg — I prefer to use brown eggs

A handful, or two, or three, or four, of shredded gruyère cheese — or equally delicious melty, gooey cheese, this is my personal breakfast fave because it’s not super strong

A splash of heavy cream

A few mushrooms, sliced — feel free to substitute with bacon, smoked salmon, Canadian bacon, you get the idea.

Tip: don’t ruin this dish or your friendships by adding anything like kale.

Salt + Pepper

Foil wrap — don’t even take them out of the tin foil and you have virtually no clean up

Heat your oven to 425

IMG_1839Cut the tops off and scoop out your bread



Throw in some cheese on the bottom layer and mushrooms on top of that

IMG_1846Go ahead and crack an egg over it

IMG_1854Pour your cream in and add another layer of cheese

IMG_1858Set the top back on and wrap it up in some foil

IMG_1868Place on baking sheet and cook for:

15 – 20 minutes – runny yolk

25 minutes – soft yolk

30 minutes – cooked through

Tip: you can also take these out and check on them to see how cooked the egg is, you literally cannot screw this up, don’t worry.

Go ahead and take those cheesy egg delights out of the oven. Almost there….


IMG_1891Oooooh baby







And in the words of my idol, Chef, Author, all around most wonderful human in the world, Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, “How easy is that?”

Ok one more just to be safe….