How to Transition Your Closet From Summer to Fall

fall denim

Late Summer and early Fall is one of my favorite times of the year for my wardrobe. I’ve talked before about how the changing of the seasons always energizes my creativity and gets me ready to change out my wardrobe. No matter how old I get, August always feels like back to school shopping time. I can remember shopping with my parents on the weekends and collecting pieces here and there that I was so excited to wear back to school. Then I wouldn’t wear them to school because kids are mean and make fun of your faux leather leggings in the 6th grade. The great part about getting older is 1) I no longer have to go to school and 2) I can wear whatever I want and not really care what other people think about it.

fall denim

fall denim

I love the opportunity to reinvent your style as the seasons change. I’m a firm believer that you can change your style at any time, but something about the seasons changing brings me the creativity. Fall is especially fun for me because it’s the one season I want to change my color palette around. I’m usually a blush, grey, and cream kind of girl, but when Fall rolls in I want everything a little darker and richer. I love navy, tan, and dark olive.

One style I always want on hand is a great tan sweater and jeans. Nothing is more transitional than this color combo for me. I’ve searched for ages for a good tan sweater which is much harder than you think. Something I love about Banana Republic is that their sweaters always seem to work on my skin tone, even if they aren’t necessarily my colors. I love that their colors almost always work for all skin tones. This makes it easier for me to buy the same sweater in every single color. Anyone else do this?

fall denim

There’s just something so classic and simple about a great tan sweater and a good pair of jeans in the Fall. I call this look a Nancy Meyers look in my closet. I have a whole bunch of outfits I wear that I can totally picture wearing if my life were a Nancy Meyers movie. I actually got this same sweater in light blue last Fall after searching for years for the most flattering version of Cameron Diaz’s sweater in The Holiday. I am totally committed to my Nancy Meyers aesthetic you guys. I also always love the white button down and dark jeans for a casual look, a la Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated. (or you know, my hero Ina) Fun fact, my dream in life is to have a bakery like hers in It’s Complicated.

fall denim

fall denim

I have to talk a little about these jeans because I think it’s too important to not bring up. They are literally the best jeans I’ve ever owned and the perfect Fall denim. I’m wearing the Banana Republic Zero Gravity denim and I have to say I might be their biggest fan. I have quite a few pairs of these at the moment. They’re a stretch material but don’t wear like leggings. They fit every curve and sit perfectly mid-rise. Since I’m not blessed in the booty department, jeans have a tendency to stretch out during the day. These stay perfectly shaped for so long. I’m also not a person who washes my jeans after every wear. I know, this is a controversial topic, but I don’t want them to fade too quickly. The dye on these jeans stays so rich after so many washes, they never look faded. But even without washing them, they still fit the same after five wears as they do after one.

I know this sweater and jeans combo is going to be a go-to look for me this Fall. I’ll definitely wear it for Nancy Meyers night at our house, which is like one night a month where I make roast chicken and watch a Nancy Meyers movie and Chuck contributes literally nothing. It’s ok he’s cute and he reminds me of the dog from The Holiday so I guess he fits with my look.

xo – Tracy

p.s. I rounded up all the zero gravity denim for you below to shop!

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Photos by Katie Prestemon


What a great combo! I have so many tan/white sweaters in my closet, it’s almost embarrassing! Lol. Such a good go-to item for fall!