Name to Know | Melanie Auld Jewelry

One of the great passions of my life is jewelry. It may not seem that way because I don’t usually wear much jewelry on a daily basis. But jewelry has always been consistently uplifting to me. I tend to prefer very simple clothes, so adding beautiful accessories has always been the fun part of getting dressed.

I recently discovered Melanie Auld on Instagram and love everything about the brand. I’ve always gravitated toward sentimental, meaningful pieces when buying jewelry so I loved that MAJ was so focused on jewelry that was beautiful and meaningful.

Gold jewelry is my personal favorite and the amount of beautiful gold pieces at MAJ is incredible. I immediately ordered the Large Herringbone Chain because I thought it was so beautiful. I had been looking for this necklace for a long time, so it felt like kismet when I found it on MAJ. It also comes in a slimmer version which I have debated also getting because I have no self control. These are both gold-plated options, if you’re looking to invest in solid gold, they also offer a lot of their pieces that way. The slimmer herringbone chain comes in a 10K solid gold option which is stunning.

They have so many great pendants and pieces that can be customized which makes them perfect for gifts or sentimental pieces. I love this disc necklace and it’s perfect for an everyday piece and beautiful enough to wear with a casual, layered look or more dressed up for work or dinner.

If gold jewelry isn’t your main thing, they have lots of silver and rose gold options for most pieces as well. They also use lots of beautiful stones and have great explanations for what each means.

Melanie Auld Jewelry has quickly become one of my favorite jewelry brands and I think you’ll love it too!