Navy Favorites

navy favorites

1. Blazer

2. Floral Handbag

3. Pencil Dress

4. Plaid Pants

5. Block Heels

6. Going Places Square Scarf

7. Kate Spade Watch

The end of summer is always a tough time for me style-wise. By this time of year I’m ready to be moving on to my Fall clothes and buying only Fall pieces. The problem is that it’s still like 90 degrees in St. Louis, so it’s not exactly time for that yet. I like to try to transition my end of summer-early autumn wardrobe by mixing in pieces from each season. I talked all about adding in my navy blazer to summer style here and it’s such an easy way to start wearing those pieces now.

My favorite color right now is definitely navy; I’ve been wearing tons of navy and white. It’s such a classic combo and it works perfectly for the end of summer. Navy is one of those colors that’s pretty universally flattering. Navy has always been a staple in my closet. As the weather starts to cool off, I’ll switch from wearing it with my white jeans and bright red shoes to pairing it with cream t-shirts, maroon sweaters, and black jeans. Navy is one of those colors I can wear during every single season somehow. I love the navy floral handbag because it works in every season, plus who doesn’t love a giant peony?

Navy pencil dresses and skirts are a staple of mine for work. I like to mix it up between black and navy a lot for my everyday workwear, which is easy since most of my work tops are cream or blush. I love these plaid navy pants from Banana Republic. I have a few pairs of this style of pant and I have to say they are some of the best fitting dress pants I own. They are incredibly comfortable and don’t wrinkle easily which is always appreciated.

Does anyone else love navy for the end of summer as much as I do? I’m not ready to say goodbye to the nautical look, but still kind of ready for cozy sweaters and booties for Fall.

xo – Tracy