5 Ways to Slow Down Even When You Don’t Think You Need To

Ways to Slow Down

I feel like I’m always alternating my life between wanting to hustle and create and work and wanting to slow down. Slowing down is one of the hardest things to actually accomplish. What does it mean to slow down? How do you just slow down? What about all that time I could be working on something?

There are lots of ways to start finding some balance and sometimes life will just step in and answer that for you. Things have been pretty quiet around the blog the past few weeks because I’ve been taking some time off. About six weeks ago, my seasonal allergies were flaring up and instead of just getting better, I ended up with pneumonia for the past 4 weeks. I thought I was just turning into Liz Lemon more by the day, but it turns out I’m an actual grandma now. But what I got from this is that you have to put your own needs first. You have to listen to your body when it tells you to just stop.

So over the past few weeks I’ve been looking for ways to give more time to myself. You have to look at it as gaining more time for helping yourself as opposed to time away from other things, that’s how you end up coughing like Lorraine from MadTV for weeks on end.

Whether you’re just looking for ways to find more balance or if you’re like me and need to make some changes right now, the great thing about any of these ideas is that you can start them today!

5 Ways To Slow Down Now

1. Find a Downtime Activity You Enjoy

Reading is one of my favorite little pleasures in life. Even if I only get 10 minutes to do it before falling asleep at night, I love it. I noticed that I haven’t kept up with this the past few months and it’s such a small thing, but brings so much comfort. Whether it’s reading before bed or watching your favorite reality show at the end of a long day, find something you love and enjoy it guilt-free. Of course there are other things you could do with that time, but caring for yourself is a great use of time.

2. Stop Multitasking

Everyone makes multitasking sound like a really glamorous quality to have, but they’re all idiots. Multitasking actually wastes more time than it saves. Have you ever actually felt like you accomplished great things at work when you were trying to finish 3 things at once? Being more mindful about doing things one at time in both work and life is key to slowing down and focusing on each task.

3. Say No More

Do you feel like you have to take on every assignment at work? You have to go out with the girls every time they ask? Here’s a simple rule of thumb, if you don’t want to do it, don’t do it. Time is the most valuable commodity you have, so you have to make it work for you. If something isn’t helping you grow or making you happy, know when to cut your losses. This gives you more time to get back to #1.

4. Schedule Time to Workout

The easiest and most effective stress relief is a workout. Schedule a class or call a friend to walk, but make working out part of your schedule. Treat it like any other appointment, non-negotiable.

5. Chill The F Out

Find simple ways throughout the day to get zen. Maybe it’s using your commute to listen to a relaxing playlist or catching up on a motivational podcast. Try a little meditation, OK not like really meditating, but try taking a few minutes to just be and calm your mind without a phone, laptop, or TV.

Do you have any tips for slowing down? Anyone else feel the struggle?

XO – Tracy


LOVE this. I am the worst at trying to start multiple projects or tasks at once and just end up getting overwhelmed. I recently started meditating which I feel has helped! Great tips!


Great post. I really liked this. Thanks for sharing these tips.