Beauty Faves: Neulash



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I’ve always been on a search for long, full lashes. I’m pretty sure every girl I know who loves beauty and makeup is on the same mission. I’ve tried tons of different mascaras in the hopes I can easily make it look like I have long, think lashes. The best mascara I’ve ever found that doesn’t need any help is Benefit’s They’re Real mascara. It definitely makes them look longer and much thicker. My only issue with this is that it’s super hard to get off. You have to use a lot of eye makeup remover and having to scrub actually makes you lose lashes faster. So not the best option.

I’ve even had lash extensions. I got them just before my sister’s wedding a few years ago and loved them. It was perfect timing because I spent the two weeks before the wedding on vacation in London and Paris. It was great not having to deal with wearing a ton of makeup while I was there and they looked amazing in photos. My problem was the cost and the upkeep. It was about $200 for the initial application which isn’t so bad but then you have to go every 2-3 weeks to get them filled in which can cost around $50-75. I went to Chic Lash Boutique in Houston and loved them. If you are in Houston, I would highly recommend going there. If you just can’t grow long lashes or eyebrows, then extensions may be ideal for you and worth the cost. Or they are just great if you have a big event or want them while traveling.

Late last year I discovered the best product to naturally grow long, thick lashes. I started using Neulash which is a serum similar to Latisse which you get through a doctor. Neulash works just as well, but you can get it at a department store. All the big stores like Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Bloomingdales all carry it. It costs about $150, but a tube will last you at least 6 months. I’ve been using mine for about 8 months now and still have plenty. You just use the little brush to apply a line of serum at your top lash line every night before bed. It may make your skin a little sensitive the first two weeks you use it, so just apply every other night if that’s the case. Mine were a tad sensitive at first, but I just powered through. It didn’t feel uncomfortable, it just made my lash line feel… weird. Not painful, but maybe a little itchy for a few minutes. This only lasted about three days.

After using it for most of 2016, I can definitely tell a huge difference in how long and thick my lashes are. I started seeing results about 2 months after starting so don’t expect immediate results. It basically works by adding more vitamins to your lash line to keep the lashes you have longer and promoting growth of new ones. I also highly recommend using this if you had lash extensions and no longer keep them up because that will cause your lashes to be shorter and thinned out. Neulash is definitely a more budget friendly long-term option than lash extensions but not as dramatic. Neulash also makes NeuBrow serum which promotes growth of eyebrows. Since thick eyebrows are really trendy right now, this is a great option if you’ve been over-plucking or just struggle with hair growth. I haven’t tried it because thankfully I was a loser in high school who never did anything with my eyebrows so mine are naturally pretty thick.

Has anyone else tried Neulash or any other lash growing products?

xo – Tracy