Postcards from Mykonos

I’ve been dying to go to Mykonos for about as long as I can remember. I’ve been obsessed with the idea of visiting the Greek Islands for years and years. The real obsession began when Mamma Mia came out in theaters and I knew Greece and I were destined to be. However, there was no wedding with three potential fathers or any singing and dancing.

mykonos travel guide

I only had a few days to spend in Mykonos so I stayed in Mykonos Town to be able to walk to everything. Mykonos has lots of tourists, but it never felt “touristy” to me. Sure, some shops sell beach towels and Mykonos tees. For the most part, all the shops and restaurants in Mykonos Town were great.

mykonos travel guide

The key to really enjoying Mykonos Town is to wake up early and see it before everyone else. The cruise ships dock around 10 or 11 and that’s when the majority of tourists crowd the streets. I woke up early to grab breakfast and walk around town. I especially wanted to the famous Windmills before the masses showed up for their pictures.

mykonos travel guide

mykonos travel guide

mykonos travel guide

I will be completely honest Mykonos was one of the most confusing places I’ve ever been. The tiny streets are hard to navigate if you get slightly off course. So I ended up down a few dead ends and basically in people’s living rooms more than I’d like to say. But even the dead end streets are full of color and flowers and the magic Greece inherently has.

mykonos travel guide

mykonos travel guide

mykonos travel guide

Mykonos island is relatively flat compared to some of the other islands. So this makes it easier to get around as a tourist by scooter or ATV. You can easily explore the island if you want to get away from the tourists in Mykonos Town. There are scooter and ATV rental shops literally everywhere in town, so you can easily get one. They range from 15-30 euros depending on what you get. So a really affordable option to make the most of the day on Mykonos.

After 6 days spent exploring Rome and Athens on foot and all morning in town one day, I was ready for some true beach relaxation. I grabbed my swimsuit, hat, and sunscreen and headed to the pool. Mykonos is easily one of the best places I’ve ever read a book. What I would give to be back on that sun lounger reading and drinking an Aperol Spritz.

mykonos travel guide

Where I Stayed

Mykonos Beach Hotel – I found an amazing deal here on booking.com, a site I haven’t actually used much before this trip. I loved the hotel and absolutely recommend it if you’re staying in Mykonos Town. It’s not in the heart of Mykonos Town which is exactly what I wanted. My hesitation with staying in the heart of town was that it would be loud late at night and you know this grandma needs her sleep! I wanted to get up early in the mornings to explore, so I opted out of the club portion of Mykonos. My hotel was so quiet at night while being just down the road from everything in town. My room was one of the higher rooms, so quite a few stairs. At first I was like woah buddy where are you taking me, don’t you know I’ve just hiked the Acropolis?? And then I got a glimpse of the view and sent him away telling him to leave everything because I’m moving in.

What I Did

Little Venice – Walking along Little Venice is amazing. I wish I had had time to eat at one of the restaurants there on the water, but there just weren’t enough meals! A thing I never thought I’d say!

The Windmills – The most iconic thing about Mykonos besides Little Venice and partying. If you’re staying on the island, get there early before the other tourists to get a picture without one thousand people in it. Anything before 9 is super early on Mykonos.

Shopping – I spent a few mornings walking through Mykonos Town and doing a little shopping. Because I just didn’t get enough of it in Rome and Athens. Mykonos is very into the designer goods so you can find everything from the Louis Vuitton store to random little shops with trinkets. The one thing everyone told me to buy in Greece was a nice piece of jewelry. I picked up a delicate 14k gold bracelet with a few little charms for good luck, love, and health. The key to shopping in Greece is to be willing to negotiate everything. When you’re in little, local shops they’ll haggle with you.

What I Didn’t Have Time For

Scorpios Mykonos – A beach club on the island that’s known for being ridiculous fun and absolutely beautiful. They have DJs, cabanas, and lots of frozen drinks. 

Nammos Restaurant – Part of the Nammos Beach Club, the restaurant is supposed to be one of the best on the island. I got several recommendations for it before I left, but just didn’t have time for it.

Where I Ate

Joanna’s Nikos Taverna – Don’t get this mixed up with Niko’s Taverna in town! Joana’s is a little restaurant right on the beach in Mykonos Town where they actually cook your fish in a kitchen on the beach. The menu is huge and everything I ate was so amazing. Another thing I happened to notice is that only women worked there which had me all like #girlpower. Oh and there’s a dog who lives there who is wonderful. Definitely call for a reservation if you can, otherwise you just have to wait maybe 30 minutes or so.

Nutella Crepes – There are lots of little crepe places in town. It’s worth it to walk a little to check a few out because some of them don’t have prices. I definitely saw the guy in front of me get charged 6 euros and I paid 3 for exactly the same crepe.

What I Wore