How to Style a Tulle Skirt

tulle skirt

tulle skirttulle skirt

tulle skirt

tulle skirt

tulle skirt

tulle skirt

photos by Rachel McGrew

One of my favorite fashion moments has always been Carrie’s outfit in the opening of Sex & The City. I remember the first time I saw her giant tulle skirt and was like YESSSS. But like where do you wear a tulle skirt if you don’t live in the West Village while writing a dating column and living life with your 3 fabulous best friends? This question has plagued me for years.

Like a lot of things, you just have to jump into it and you’ll figure it out as you go. Great metaphor for life. And tulle skirts. So when I found this grey tulle skirt I knew it was meant to be mine. For me the biggest challenge to styling skirts is always my waist. I have a pretty straight waist, so skirts don’t always define it for me. Sometimes it feels like I get swallowed up by skirts if I don’t pair the right top. Or if I tuck in my top it just hangs over the waist of my skirt.

My aha! moment on how to style my skirt came when I was getting ready to workout. I wear high waist leggings for barre and throw on a tank top that I tie at the bottom to give a little extra something. As I was doing this one Saturday morning I realized this is exactly how I could create a waist with my skirt. I love the graphic tee trend right now and have a few different ones that I wear on repeat. My favorite is this one that gives my tulle skirt a little extra French vibe. I am also obsessed with these block heels because they give a little more support than a stiletto. I could (and do) stand all day in these.

You could easily do this look with a solid tee paired with a statement necklace for a dressier look. Another great option is tying a button up at the waist. I think if you’re like me and struggle to define your waist but hate tucking in tops, just tying your shirt is a super easy way to change it up. I threw on a leather moto jacket with this look because honestly it felt like the French girl thing to do. You could easily wear a blazer for more of a work look too.

Has anyone else had a TV or movie outfit they’ve tried to recreate? I have so many but this may be one of my favorites. Share yours in the comments!

XO – Tracy

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