My Summer Skincare Routine for Longer Lashes

longer lashes

longer lashes

longer lashes

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Now that Summer is here, my makeup and beauty routine is all about low-maintenance and simple. I’ve been focusing on a better skincare routine for the past year so I would feel more comfortable not wearing makeup. Anyone else terrified to go out without makeup on? After changing my skincare and my diet, my skin is better than ever. I got to a point where I felt comfortable going without makeup, but I will always be wearing mascara. I just feel naked without it; like my lashes aren’t dark enough or long enough without something extra. I mean who doesn’t think they need longer lashes?

I’ve used a few serums for longer lashes before and loved them, but I started using Lash Boost by Rodan & Fields and really loved everything about it. I noticed my longer lashes after about 3-4 weeks of using the Lash Boost. It’s basically just serum full of nutrients meant to make your lashes grow as well as keep the lashes you already have longer.

The biggest difference to me in using Lash Boost over past products is that I could use it on my eyebrows as well. Other products I’ve used in the past have separate lash and eyebrow serums and can be really expensive. I have pretty thick eyebrows naturally, but I wanted them to be thicker without having to feel like I need to use brow pencil all the time. After about 2 weeks using Lash Boost on them I noticed a difference. I didn’t feel like I had to wear any brow pencil at all.

It’s super simple to apply, just swipe it on your lash line and brows before bed. If you’re new to lash serums or haven’t used one in a while, the first few days can usually make your eyelids feel a little sensitive. I have really sensitive skin and have had this problem in the past, but not at all with Lash Boost.

Has anyone tried Lash Boost? Any other R&F products I need to try?

XO – Tracy