Swimsuits Under $100

swimsuits under $100

Who else is ready for bathing suit season? I totally am except that I still love to eat chips and queso. Oh well, the older I get the more I live by the idea that to get a bikini body, you have to get a bikini and you have to have a body. Period. I do have one major problem with swimsuits; when did they all become $500?? Seriously why are swimsuits so expensive now? Unless it turns me into Christie Brinkley (at any age) I am not shelling out that kind of cash for something I only wear a few times a year. If you live near a beach and wear swimsuits way more often, then I probably would invest in some good ones. But when you live in the middle of the country and live in an apartment building with no single men, you just kind of don’t care what you wear to the pool, you know?

I’ve made it my mission this year to find way more budget buys and share them with you guys as often as possible. I love a good deal and it’s really selfish of me not to share all these finds with you more often. Now is actually a great time to start ordering swimsuits. All the good ones have just come out and if you’re headed on a spring break trip or just an early vacation, you can get in on all the good stuff when it’s brand new. I found tons of incredible swimsuits for under $100 while I was browsing for something new to take to San Diego.

I’ve always had this $100 swimsuit budget in my mind. I’ve bought some adorable swimsuits closer to my $100 budget, but I’ve always been able to find amazing deals for less than even $20. A few of my favorite stores to get budget swimsuits are Old Navy, Aerie, and Target. Old Navy has really stepped up the swimsuit game the past few years. Last year they had an identical swimsuit to this Marysia swimsuit that costs over $300 and I paid $30 for the Old Navy version. I really love Aerie’s swimwear because it fits amazing and is super cute. What I really love though, is that they use real women in their advertising. No photoshop, no retouching, just real women. I have a lot of respect for a company that is willing to say we want to show young women what a real body looks like regardless of our bottom line. I love their ’80s style high cut one piece because it’s super flattering, but also less than $50. Also a high cut one piece always makes me think of Crocodile Dundee and that scene where she almost gets killed. Any other ’90s kids scarred by that scene?

Another store I love to shop for swimwear at is J.Crew. Last year and this year again, they’ve had a totally killer swim selection. While a lot of their one pieces and bikinis are slightly above my $100 budget, I’m willing to go up to $120 or $130 for a really good one piece, like this one. They also have a few one pieces that come in right at my $100 budget which are so good, like this one and this one. The bikinis at J.Crew are also some of the best I’ve tried on and they usually come in at $100 for both the top and bottoms. I’ve found bikinis to be the hardest to find for a whole set under $100. It seems like separates are almost $100 each at most retailers. J.Crew has definitely come up with some of the most flattering at a great price. I love this solid set, here and here.

I rounded up loads of my favorite swimsuits under $100 for you below. You can shop any of them by just clicking on the swimsuit!

Anyone have any great retailers for budget bathing suits? I’m always looking for good suggestions. If you have one, leave it in the comments!

xo – Tracy

  1. Topshop Floral One Piece
  2. J.Crew Bikini – Top & Bottoms
  3. Aerie Halter One Piece
  4. Mara Hoffman Palm Bikini – Top & Bottoms – This one is on MAJOR sale from last year, shop it fast if you want it before it sells out
  5. Aerie High Cut One Piece
  6. J.Crew Gingham Bikini – Top & Bottom
  7. Rose and Shine One Piece