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You may not find this surprising, but one of my favorite genres to read is what I like to call “Girlboss books”. I love reading a good self-help or business book, but my favorite type of those books always comes back to “Girlboss books”.

I started calling them this (to myself) because I absolutely loathe that they are always labeled “women in business” or something similar. Isn’t that just a terrible phrase? There are a lot of thoughts around the term “Girlboss” as well but honestly I’d rather be called a Girlboss than a “woman in business”. Whatever phrase you use, you just have to feel like you own it. And I don’t know any woman who is super pumped to own “woman in business”.

Since International Women’s Day is Thursday, I thought what better time to share some of my favorite books dedicated to being a badass woman in life.

Bossypants | I am a dedicated Tina Fey fan for life. 30 Rock is one of my favorite shows of all time and Tina Fey is hands down one of the best comedy writers to ever exist. I love Bossypants and her stories are so insightful and still hilarious. If you want something funny and light when it comes to learning from others, Bossypants is for you.

She Persisted | Regardless of your politics, Chelsea Clinton’s She Persisted is one of the best books for any child, boy or girl. Teaching inclusion when we’re still kids is so crucial to thinking about how to build diverse teams in school, college, and work.

Women, Work, and the Art of Savoir Faire | Mireille Guiliano is the writer of the book French Women Don’t Get Fat, which is another favorite book of mine. Besides being an author, she was a senior executive at Veuve Clicquot. She writes about brand development, communicating better, and “balancing” work and life. Plus you know it’s my dream to be a French girl so I’ll take all the French self-help books please.

#Girlboss | The book that started it all. This is forever one of my favorite reads; I really do reread it. I love Sophia’s story and there’s nothing better than starting out completely on your own and making it. I love to follow Girlboss on Instagram for motivation and reading about other women’s stories.

Lean In | Another in the original line up of women taking over the world. Sheryl Sandberg is one of those people whose writing is so incredible that I would read literally anything of hers. Lean In is a great place to start if you aren’t that into business or self-help books. It’s relatable to anyone and Sheryl’s advice is always relevant.

The Power | While not a self-help or business book, The Power is the ultimate in Girlboss fiction. I’m currently reading this and am obsessed with how good this book is. The premise is that teenage girls start having intense physical power. It looks at our current culture and makes you think what if it were men who were afraid to walk alone at night, to be alone with a strange woman, or to never feel safe? It’s really thought-provoking and the perspectives in the story are great, ranging from teenage girls to mothers to men in their lives.

Mistakes I Made at Work | There is nothing I love more than great advice from incredible women. I picked up this book on a whim and it’s one I go back to a lot now. There are so many great stories in here about resiliency, which I think all women relate to at work. There is no better learning tool than your own (or others’) mistakes.

In The Company of Women | Another incredible advice book, this one features 100 interviews with creative entrepreneurs. It has lots of practical advice, keys to success, and lots of inspiration to follow your passion.

What’s a favorite Girlboss book of yours? Comment below with yours!