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After an amazing weekend spent relaxing and recharging, I am feeling so ready for a new week. I spent the weekend with one of my best friends who was in town. We managed to get lots of St. Louis things done including a concert and most importantly a Cardinals game. The weather this weekend was so perfect, it almost felt like summer!

With these warm temperatures it’s time to start breaking out the tanks and off the shoulder tops. I’ve bought so many off the shoulder tops this year, it’s getting kind of out of hand. One of my favorites is this white lace one from Cupcakes & Cashmere.

I love how lightweight this top is and how comfortable it is. I wore this top to the Cardinals game this weekend, because I was praying to get an ounce sunlight on my pale shoulders. So of course I ended up with a sunburn. Thanks, SPF 75.

I love the look of an off the shoulder top even though I have pretty broad shoulders. I’ve always been really picky about what sleeveless tops I will wear because the cut is either super flattering or makes your arms look 5 times their normal size, hey cap-sleeve everything talking to you. So I was really pleasantly surprised when I tried on an off the shoulder top and it was really flattering to my arms and shoulders. You know my motto, if it looks good buy 12 in each color. So that’s the mission I’m on this spring, to add as many off the shoulder tops to my wardrobe as necessary.

Cupcakes & Cashmere Top | Jeans | Sandals (total bargain!) | Sunglasses

Rebecca Minkoff Bag | Ring (a favorite of mine)