Yes, You Can Wear White After Labor Day

white after labor day

white after labor day

white after labor day

white after labor day

It’s October, so you’ve probably thought to yourself “can I wear white after Labor Day?” at least 20 times now. Well I’m here today to tell you yes you certainly can! To be perfectly honest, I don’t really think that’s a thing anymore. At least I’ve decided that it’s no longer a thing, so we’re all wearing white whenever we want. I’ve mentioned my love of white year round in posts before randomly, but I’ve never really gone into detail about how to do this with all the confidence of someone waving a glass of red wine while wearing all white. I thought I’d share a few ways to wear white after labor day.

The major key to making white work all year round is choosing the right material for the season. In Summer, it’s all about linen and light fabrics. In Fall and Winter, it’s all about sweaters, crepe, and heavy fabrics. A great alternative to white jeans if you just aren’t feeling that bold is to try a pair of cream corduroy pants. Try switching to cream if all your stark white pieces don’t feel like they work for you in cooler weather (paler skin). On that topic, I am very pale year round, but never more than I am come February. So I primarily wear cream tones any season other than Summer.

If you’re nervous about adding more white to your wardrobe, ease into it with accessories. If you’re someone who is prone to spills or getting things dirty you’ll definitely want to ease into this. Try a cream scarf or hat, maybe just start with an inexpensive pair of white sunglasses, or a pair of white flats. I live in these white flats and they are perfect for work or with a pair of mom jeans on weekends. Another option that’s a little bolder is a white bag, heels, or a coat.

There are so many ways to add white to your Fall and Winter wardrobe. I shared a few of my favorite outfit ideas below to help give you some inspiration for adding more white to your cold weather outfits.

Outfit Ideas

A classic cream dress is a great year-round staple piece. I adore this one which is from the Gal Meets Glam collection. I’ve read Julia’s blog, Gal Meets Glam, for years and was super excited when she launched her dress line earlier this year. This one is definitely my favorite so far. As the weather gets colder, I’ll throw on a pair of black tights with it.

An easy and super chic outfit is all white everything. I love outfits in all one color, it just feels so classic. An all white outfit is gorgeous for Winter, paired with black heels or a fun pop of color.

White coats are my weakness. I would probably have 100 of them if there weren’t something called savings, retirement, bills, etc. There is nothing chicer than a long white wool coat in Winter. It goes with basically everything and is super easy to accessorize.

If you prefer a more colorful outfit, try a pair of white booties. I love the look of them and I think they bring such a fun and trendy look to an outfit. My friend Gwen is obsessed with her white booties so I totally look to her for inspo on these.

Are there any tips you have for adding more white to your Fall and Winter wardrobe? Any outfits you’re just dying to create? Leave them in the comments!
xo – Tracy
photos by Katie Prestemon