Belgian Margarita

Last weekend, I went to Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday and partake in general shenanigans with old friends. Note, there are no pictures to be posted on here, primarily because my mother reads this, might possibly still be the only person reading this, and also I have a day job I’d like to keep.

While we were there, we had dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s Pub in Caesar’s Palace. The food was amazing, but my favorite part was the Belgian Margarita. It’s an awesome margarita with the added benefit of lambic in it. These are my absolute two favorite go to drinks when I’m out and in all of my years, it has never occurred to me to combine them. Due to high demand from my fellow drinkers of this amazing cocktail, I have recreated it in all of it’s glory for you. I also realized I don’t talk about cocktails enough on here, I’ll try to be better for all of you.

IMG_2841Belgian Margarita

3 oz Patron Tequila

6 oz Agave Nectar

Lime Juice


This is a ridiculously easy drink to make. I’m going to give you the measurements for how I made it and how I like it, but obviously adjust to your own tastes. If you don’t want this very sweet, use more lime juice and less agave nectar. When it comes to lambic, pick whichever flavor you like. My favorite is framboise (raspberry). I love framboise in a weird way and if it’s on tap anywhere I must drink it. I’m not a big fan of beer, but I really like lambic. It’s made differently than regular beer and I’ll never be able to explain it to you why it’s different. It comes in a variety of flavors; raspberry, cherry, apple, peach.

IMG_2685Get yourself a good cocktail shaker for this and fill it with some ice. You can use a shot glass to measure out your alcohol. If you’re like me and somehow don’t own a shot glass, or at least can’t find one, then use a vintage juice glass that your mother gave you. Sorry, Mom, but it is the perfect size.

IMG_2808Mix your tequila, agave nectar, and lime juice in your cocktail shaker. I just squeeze fresh limes into it, basically because I’m impatient and that’s the fastest way. Then pour into your glass. I don’t use margarita glasses in my house because no one I know, myself included, should be trusted to hold a margarita glass without spilling it.

IMG_2824Next, pour your lambic over your margarita.

IMG_2832The lambic may just sit on top, so go ahead and give it a good stir.

IMG_2841Pop a lime slice over it and you have yourself the Belgian Margarita. Cheers!