Clean Beauty Favorite: Nécessaire

I’m always on the lookout for new clean beauty products to try and add to my routine. I recently found Nécessaire and immediately ordered the starter kit to try. I love Nécessaire’s packaging and font which seems like a small thing to care about but it’s kind of important to me.

In addition to having the best packaging, I loved that they are so focused on not only delivering clean beauty products but doing it in a sustainable way. The packaging it ships in is made from recycled materials and no unnecessary plastic or paper in the box.

The products themselves are amazing. I immediately noticed how much softer my skin was after using the lotion and body wash. I picked the fragrance free set because I wanted to use the lotion at night and being an old woman, I don’t like to use a lot of scent before bed. I definitely recommend giving Nécessaire a try if you’re looking for good clean beauty products.