One Outfit, Two Ways | No. 1

My style is all about fewer, better things. I like to primarily invest in really good pieces that I’m going to wear over and over again until my tailor laughs and says I absolutely won’t fix this again. So each season I pick up only a few inexpensive items to keep my wardrobe fun and trendy. Because I always love good outfit inspiration, I’m sharing one of my favorite outfits two ways.

One of my favorite Summer outfits is a bodysuit and jeans. It’s just such a simple outfit and super easy to style any way you want. This tends to be my standard outfit in warm weather; just add a long sleeve bodysuit and it’s my Fall/Winter outfit.

If you only have one real investment piece in your closet, make it your jeans. Jeans are maybe the hardest item to find that meet all the exact specifications for “good jeans.” If I have exactly the right pair of jeans, they are the only jeans I’ll wear for years. I leave myself enough budget for one really good pair of jeans every year. I don’t need new jeans frequently because I work in a business formal office, so I only wear them on weekends mostly. If you do work in a casual office, it’s still worth it to invest in good jeans the same way I invest in good suits or dresses for my office. If it’s something you wear often, it’s worth having high-quality pieces. One of my favorite brands for high quality denim is AGOLDE.

For my Summer uniform, I like to get the most out of it. So this year I picked up this one-piece swimsuit in white that absolutely works as a bodysuit or a swimsuit. I loved it so much, I ordered it in black as well.

The thing I love so much about this outfit is how easy it is to style for anything. For a more casual style, weekend brunch, BBQs, I style it with these cute, budget-friendly flats that look super chic. I love layering gold necklaces with a casual look and I really love this one that goes with everything. And I always wear my favorite Cuyana Summer hat for everything. It’s great if you have a giant head like me because it comes in a few sizes. If you don’t have a giant head, you don’t realize how big of a deal this is. I’ve had this hat for 2 years now and don’t know what I’d do without it.

For a dressed up look, drinks out, a date, I just throw on an oversized linen blazer and heels for a super simple look. I like a gold statement earring for dressier looks or for work and I think it looks so chic with an elevated basic outfit.

For Summer beauty, I wear my Dior Lip Glow basically 24/7. It’s truly one of the best beauty products I’ve ever used and force everyone I know to buy it. It’s great for super casual looks because it works with your lips to bring out the right color for you. I typically stick with the “Pink” shade for an everyday natural look, but also love the “Raspberry” for a little brighter pink. It’s more of a lip balm feel so it’s moisturizing which I really love. For a nighttime look, I pretty much only wear Tom Ford lipsticks. I love all of their shades and find it lasts the longest for me. For a good red, I love “Dressed to Kill”.

Making fewer, better things work in my closet is really easy when everything can work together. Making one outfit work two ways or four ways is no big deal when you have high quality basics.