Pinrose Perfume

Until about 3 years ago, I never wore perfume. I always had a bottle or two of a scent I loved, but just never wore it. A few years ago when I joined Birchbox, I started getting lots of perfume samples and it made me really want to start wearing perfume. Now it’s part of my everyday beauty routine before I head out the door.



I was recently introduced to one of my new favorite perfumes from Pinrose. This brand is so cool because you actually get to be paired with the perfume for you by taking this quiz on their website. It shows you different images, colors, shapes, etc that you pick between. The choices you make lead you to a few perfumes that matche your personality traits. I took the quiz and got Goddess, like that’s even remotely surprising.




Pinrose recently released two new scents at Sephora and I was lucky enough to try them out! I loved both the new scents, but Wild Child has to be my favorite. I really don’t normally go for floral scents, I just prefer a more earthy scent. But I couldn’t help but love how light this floral scent is. I also love that it lasts all day without fading. I’ve always been unimpressed with how quickly perfumes fade away, but Pinrose has totally nailed the long-lasting scent. Also how cute is this packaging!

The new scents, Wild Child & Gilded Fox, are available at select Sephora’s across the US and online. Luckily, the Sephora at St. Louis Galleria has them both! You can also get the other scents at Birchbox as well! Or try a sampler of every scent if you want to smell them all.