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A few weeks ago I did a roundup of some of my favorite summer skin products, you can find it here. I mentioned my love of the Simple Skincare micellar water wipes, which have seriously changed my skin. I’ve always had oily, sensitive skin. I basically breakout from everything, anyone else lucky enough to be an adult with acne? Since I started using the micellar wipes, I’ve noticed a huge difference in how clear my skin is and how soft it is.

With such a big difference with only using one product, I’ve been trying out different Simple Skincare products throughout the summer. I’m now a total convert to the Simple Skincare life. I have always been wary of products that say they’re for sensitive skin, mainly because they never work. Or they’re too gentle and don’t really tackle problem skin. What I’ve found with Simple Skincare is that it’s gentle, but tough enough to handle breakouts. I was really excited to get my hands on some of their new products out for the summer.

While I use the micellar wipes mostly, I’ve been trying the makeup removing wipes as well; which are pretty similar. I think my favorite thing about Simple’s wipes are that they don’t have any strong scent to them. This is big for me because when I’m headed to bed after a long day, I don’t find lots of perfume scents to be that great. I also tried their new hydrating cleansing oil which removes makeup and leaves oils to help skin stay soft and healthy. I like this as a different option than the wipes since it’s leaving a little oil to help my skin glow. I don’t know that I would be able to use this every night, like I said my skin is oily (like super oily blah) so using it every few nights or every other night has worked best for me. I can tell a huge difference and noticed my skin has a natural glow to it when I use this.

I also tried out the dual effect eye makeup remover. This product is great for summer because it works to gently remove waterproof eye makeup, well all eye makeup, but we all know how hard it is to remove waterproof. I’ve been wearing more waterproof mascara this summer for the sweat factor alone. It’s been really hot in St. Louis so you can hardly be outside to even walk to your car without sweating. I thought this product worked so well at removing my eye makeup and I didn’t have to swipe hard or rub at them. I try to be as gentle as I can with my eyelashes because I want them to stay long and full naturally. This product would also be great if you wear eyelash extensions and want something gentle to use on the rest of your eye too. I had eyelash extensions for a few months a couple of years ago and remember what a pain it was to remove eye makeup.

In general, my skin is way healthier, softer, and brighter since I’ve been using Simple Skincare products. I’m a huge convert to their products and will probably be using them forever. After years of struggling with my oily skin it feels so good to finally be able to leave the house without makeup if I want. But let’s be honest I’m always going to have on mascara. I love that they get the job done gently and leave me with a healthy glow for summer.

Have you tried any Simple Skincare products?

xo – Tracy