Spring Home Inspiration

spring home inspiration

We are only 1 month away from the official beginning of Spring and I cannot wait! I love the beginning of Spring. I always feel a renewed motivation for everything in life. I’m endlessly inspired by everything in Spring and the changing of seasons. It also puts me in the mood to make some changes at home and make my space ready for a brighter season.

Since moving last Summer, I have basically done nothing to finish decorating my bedroom. It started with needing to get a rug for my bedroom since I have all hardwood floors now. But that led to thinking about how I really need to get a new mattress and if I want a new mattress, do I want a new bed without a box spring. So then I couldn’t hang any pictures because I wanted to wait until I got a new bed to see where to hang them. And here we are 9 months later, I have looked at exactly 4 beds and made zero decisions.

You can see it’s very fun to be in my head. But I’m glad I waited, because now I’m feeling newly inspired and finding pieces I truly love. One thing I have been very seriously debating is hanging some removable wallpaper! As someone who rents, I’m used to having white walls. And it doesn’t bother me, because I love neutral decor. But I’m feeling the itch to add more color and branch out. So I’ve been toying with the idea of removable wallpaper.

I’ve read lots of stuff online about it and it seems like it won’t actually ruin my walls, but I’m still nervous. I’ve been curious to try it for ages. I think I’m feeling more willing to try it out in this apartment since for the first time I mounted my TV on the wall. There are already four giant holes in my wall, so what could be worse? Famous last words. But I am absolutely obsessed with this bright floral wallpaper for my bedroom. It feels very Tory Burch and I am into it. I’m also sort of into the idea of this very dark, black floral wallpaper for something still feminine, but a little sexier. My bedroom has floor to ceiling windows and is west-facing, so I have tons of natural light to balance out a dark wallpaper. I can’t choose between the two. Which would be your pick? And if you’ve had any experience in removable wallpaper, I would LOVE to know!

Another part of my bedroom that has been neglected is this weird little nook in the corner. I currently have an old chair sitting there that I’ve been meaning to get rid of forever, but haven’t conned a friend into coming over to take it to Goodwill with me. I drive a MINI so nothing fits in my car. I once had to Uber XL home from IKEA. I regret nothing. Anyway, I’ve been dying for this chair from Article for over a year and I love it in the blush. I’ve also been debating the persimmon color in an effort to be more open to bright, bold colors.

I’ve been looking at this cane desk from CB2 for what feels like forever and it’s finally on sale! I love the look of this desk and have been wanting this one for a while. I feel like a good sale is a sign we are meant to be together.

Another great cane piece I’m loving is this planter that’s surprisingly affordable. If you’re like me and kill all the plants you can use it as a magazine rack too.

I’m also currently loving basically all the glassware items from CB2 right now. I just got this little vase which is so cute and looks way more expensive than $10. I’m also absolutely in love with this coupe. It reminds me of the ones they use at Sketch in London and if you followed my trip last month, you know Sketch was basically my dream setup. So I’m trying to bring some of that magic into my apartment. And I can do that for $7.

What are you inspired by this Spring? Anyone else ready to make some decor updates?

xo – Tracy