Baked Camembert

I think it’s no secret that I love cheese. I feel like I talk about it here more than is probably appropriate for the Internet, which is really saying something.

But with New Year’s Eve fast approaching you might need some ideas for party food and how to win friends for the year ahead. Lucky for you my baked camembert showed up just in time!

I should warn you now that there is just tons of food porn ahead. You should turn around now if you aren’t up to the graphic pictures waiting.

If you’re still here, congratulations, you are my kind of human.

Baked Camembert 22

Baked camembert has to be one of my favorite things in the entire world. I mean first of all, it’s cheese. Second, it’s hot, melted cheese. Third, it’s inside a flaky puff pastry. Fourth, it’s cheese. Fifth, it’s best served with wine.

For real though, the best part has to be how ridiculously easy it is to make.

If you’ve read any of my other recipes, you probably noticed I’m pretty indifferent to using store bought dough for any sort of pastry. I honestly think it’s kind of a cop out and not as good as homemade pastry dough when it’s so easy to make, but I mean I get it man, we are all busy and some of us just aren’t bakers. You do you.

Baked camembert is the one exception where I use store bought pastry because damn if crescent dough isn’t delicious.

Baked Camembert 13

Here’s everything you need to make this delicious recipe to please your next party guests.

1 round of camembert

1 package crescent pastry dough

1-2 tbsp apricot preserves – use whatever fruit preserves you want, I prefer apricot because it’s a mild flavor and not super sweet

For serving:







Your bare hands – no judgment, I get it

Baked Camembert 4

First, preheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Then roll out your pastry dough. Depending on your dough, it probably has some pre-cut crescent slices. I just try to push the dough into one solid pastry sheet if this is the case. Just to make sure the dough doesn’t tear and I lose any precious cheese.

I cover the dough in apricot preserves. Then set the cheese round on the dough and cover it in even more apricot preserves.

Baked Camembert 1

Baked Camembert 9

Then you just wrap up your little bundle of cheesy joy.

Gently and lovingly set it on your baking sheet. Then pop in the oven for 20-ish minutes or until your dough is golden.

Baked Camembert 14

Go ahead and serve with all your delicious extras for dipping and nibbling.

The truly amazing part of this dish comes when you first cut into the pastry and get the full effect of the melty cheese.

Save this first bite for the person you love most in the world. If you’re doing it right, that’s yourself.

Baked Camembert 17

Baked Camembert 20

Can you imagine a world without this? I don’t even want to.

Baked Camembert 24

Baked Camembert 18

Baked Camembert 26

So do yourself a favor and ring in the new year with the people you love and this cheesy heaven; and it’s totally OK if those are actually the same thing.