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Now that Spring is officially here, I’m breaking out all my favorite warm weather clothes. I don’t even care if it snowed in Saint Louis yesterday morning. I’m 7,000% over winter and cold weather.

I’ve been on kind of a shopping binge lately, buying tons of great Spring clothes. I feel like it’s well deserved after hardly shopping at all this Winter because I was so not motivated. One of my favorite stores for Spring clothes right now is Old Navy. They have tons of great dresses, sandals, and jackets. And I forgot how affordable everything is at Old Navy.

I picked up this gingham dress a few weeks ago because it was absolutely darling. I love wearing dresses in warm weather because they are so easy and look put together effortlessly. Basically I’m just too lazy to match two pieces of clothing most of the time, so dresses it is.

It helps that I’m also obsessed with all things gingham for Spring. I love this¬†pink gingham dress and this black gingham dress.

I also picked up this bag and this bag because I love a good tote. I had been wanting a camel tote bag for a while, but just wasn’t willing to spend a ton on it. I found this one at Old Navy for under $35, which I consider a win.

Another store I’ve mentioned lately that I’ve been shopping at is Forever 21. I actually picked up these sunglasses there for under $10. I am just not into paying major money on trendy sunglasses. I have my Gucci sunglasses that I treat like my first-born and that’s all the expensive accessory responsibility I can handle right now.