New Year’s Eve outfit | Red Lace Pants

new year's eve outfits

new year's eve outfits

new year's eve outfits

new year's eve outfits

new year's eve outfits

Does everyone else weirdly love and hate the week between Christmas and New Year’s? It’s like there’s nothing going on and most people aren’t working, but what are you supposed to do? I usually spend the week online shopping and watching movies. Luckily this week has been almost 0 degrees here so it’s been wonderful to have a legitimate excuse to not leave my house. So it’s given me plenty of time to ponder New Year’s Eve outfits.

If you’re like me and not a fan of giant New Year’s Eve parties, you’re probably like but what do I wear for a normal person party? I like to dress up and have fun, but without the pressure of having to buy an entirely new outfit or something covered in sequins. But if sequins are your thing then go for it. My pick for NYE this year is this pair of lace pants. I was obsessed with them the second I saw them and knew they’d be mine. I just didn’t know they’d be mine in every color and material. What can I say, they just fit great.

I’ve worn them lots the past few weeks and my favorite go-to has been with this ruffled, wrap-front bodysuit. I have only recently gotten into the bodysuit game and I regret not doing it sooner. They’re so comfortable and make life so much easier. These pants have elastic in the waist, so they can slide a little or sit lower than I’m used to and a bodysuit means I’m not constantly trying to tuck in a blouse.

If you’re heading to a family get together or somewhere it’s going to be 0 degrees like St. Louis, I love these paired with an oversized sweater to mix up the materials. I love soft, light materials like lace with something heavier and cozier like a wool sweater.

The great part about these pants is that they are perfect for work as well. So you can really get the most use out of them. I also got the same fit in the velvet and the matte crepe because the style is just so flattering.

I also love to stick with simple outfits so I can add any accessories I want. I’m currently obsessed with these disco ball earrings (I have metallic silver, but dying for the pink) so I’ll be wearing them on NYE for sure. I also love these gold earrings that I’ve had for a while.

Are you doing a big New Year’s party this year? Or something more low-key? Share your plans in the comments!

xo – Tracy

photos by Rachel McGrew